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Juliette in New York City

Juliette is a french cafe located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. We dined here about a week ago and loved our experience so much, we had to share!

We went in the late afternoon and didn’t have to wait for a table very long, which I feel like never happens in Manhattan (or Williamsburg TBH). The place was busy so the service took a bit of time, but the quality of the food made it totally worth it.

The Burrata and French Onion Soup

We ordered the Burrata and the French Onion Soup to start. I’m a sucker for burrata so it was clear we needed to order that, and french onion soup is my boyfriend’s favorite, so we got both! 8/10 for both! The soup could’ve been a bit more flavorful (although it was still VERY good), and the burrata could’ve had softer bread. I dislike when bread is too crunchy for a charcuterie-type appetizer.

Tuscan Kale Salad

I ordered the Tuscan Kale Salad with chicken, which was delicious. The kale was not super hard to chew and the dressing was really good. The chicken was a nice addition to make this salad more filling. If you’re more on the hungry side, I’d recommend ordering a protein add-on with this salad because alone it would probably be pretty light. Another aspect about this salad that I really liked was the pomegranate seeds in the salad. This made the salad feel and taste very light, like it’s a salad you’d want to eat in the summertime. For how hot New York has been recently, this salad was nice and refreshing! 9/10!

Spicy Lamb Burger

My boyfriend ordered the Spicy Lamb Burger. I won’t have quite as much to say about this item on the menu because I only tasted it, but my favorite part by far was the aioli! I love a good aioli, and this one was called the harissa aioli – SO good with the fries, or dipping the burger into it! I’m not huge on burgers, so I rate this a 7/10. I wish I liked burgers more so I could give it a better score, but maybe if you like burgers more you’d like it better than I did.

Overall, I give Juliette a 8/10. I think it was a really good meal but it could’ve had faster service (again, I think they were just REALLY busy which is understandable) and obviously I didn’t rate anything as being 10/10 (kind of a hard score to get though). I’d recommend Juliette to a friend if they’re in the area, but I wouldn’t say I’d travel back to Brooklyn just to eat here. If you’d like to check out the rest of their menu, I’ve linked it here!

I hope you enjoyed this post! What are some french restaurants you like in the NYC area?

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