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How To Make Friends in a New City

I recently moved to a new city (about a month ago for context!) and thought I’d write a blog post with some reflections on the past month. Moving to a new city can be really exciting and scary, exciting because of the unknown… but also scary because of the unknown! Especially when you move somewhere that you don’t have that many friends. Maybe you know a few people, but not having anyone from your inner circle in the same city as you can be worrisome, especially when you’re like me and worry about almost everything. However, moving to a new city has been the best decision I’ve ever made. In just over a month, I’ve made friends I really relate to better than I ever did in my home city. Here’s how I did it.

Use Apps

I used Bumble BFF and Hey! Vina, but you can use any of the apps out there for meeting friends! The women on there, in my experience, have been super nice. It’s easy to find people who like to do the same things as you, such as cycling classes or blogging! Hey! Vina even matches you up with other girls based on your interests, so you can find people to do fun things with.

Find Influencers That Help Connect People

Bloggers like Danielle Moss have made meet-up posts for different cities and areas, such as Chicago and the PNW (and NYC!). Check out her Instagram for her most recent posts for making friends. If you see someone in the comments that you’d like to be friends with, simply give them a follow and shoot them a message. I’ve made friends this way and subsequently met really cool people!

Hangout With Friends of Friends

This seems kind of obvious, but hanging out with friends of friends is a super easy way to make new friends. You have a lot in common most of the time, and both know some of the same people through your mutual friend.

Post on Social Media

This also seems obvious, but make sure people know you’ve moved! I’ve had a lot of friends-of-friends reach out and let me know they have moved or are going to move to New York – it’s a great way to stay connected to both your friends and acquaintances and let them know you are in a new city. Most people will also be looking for new friends there and will want to connect with you!

What are some ways you’ve made friends in a new city? Comment below!

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