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Nail Polish Picks For Fall

I did an end-of-summer nail polish guide, so I thought I’d do another for fall. Since it’s the end of September, it’s not quite time for the absolute darkest shades, but some of these picks are less bold than the summer ones to say the least. Essie released their Fall 2021 collection and it’s as cute as you’d expect for fall. Here are some of my favorites!

high voltage vinyl

This nail color is oynx green and is so so beautiful! I love the small amount of sparkles in the color as well, adding just a little boldness to this darker shade of nail polish. This color would be best worn to the club, a house party, pumpkin carving, or a wedding, depending on your outfit.

feelin’ amped

I think this is the most beautiful color on this list that’s perfect for the beginning of the fall season. It’s a deep, royal blue nail polish. I’d wear this color apple picking, an office party, to the movies, and running errands on a Saturday afternoon.

my happy bass

I absolutely LOVE this midtone yellow, which also has lime green undertones. I’d wear this to brunch, a graduation party, or a similar event (depending on my outfit of course!)

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