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My Trip to Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

I had never heard of Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore before heading to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (for the first time ever!). My boyfriend and I actually stumbled upon Pictured Rocks on accident, but it did not disappoint! Pictured Rocks is a national lakeshore on Lake Superior. We LOVE Lake Superior! It’s beautiful and magnificent and truly one of a kind – Definitely worth checking out. Learn more about Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore here.

I feel like I’m turning into a travel blogger? I have written about travel experiences for the past blog post, and now this one. I recently took some time off to celebrate my birthday (and just have fun!), so that’s why you’re getting travel content two weeks in a row! Below are some deets on our trip to Pictured Rocks – Hope you enjoy this travel content!

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

As I mentioned, we stumbled upon this place by looking for a coffee shop actually! We were on the hunt for some coffee while camping (we stupidly did not bring instant coffee – thinking we didn’t need it), and had to drive an HOUR to find a small coffee shop in town. We drove from our campsite to grab a cup of coffee, and then decided to look for a hike in the area to not waste the time we spent driving. We use an app called All Trails, where it shows you biking and hiking (and walking!) trails in your area. We used this app and found Pictured Rocks to be one of the top rated hikes around us, so we went for it. The entire trip was a bit of gloomy weather, but I personally don’t mind the gloomy weather… Sometimes I even prefer it over sunny days! Strange, I know, but if you’re hiking outside for long periods of time, sometimes it’s nice to not be in direct sunlight.

Pictured Rocks hiking trail!

We started off the trail and found it to be very calming. I don’t know about you, but crisp, fall weather with gloomy weather is a perfect way to spend a hike to me! Everything was turning ready for fall which made it even more beautiful. You have to hike a bit to get to the cove, which I consider the “overlook” of the hike, but it’s well worth the wait. Check it out below.

The cove

There were so many beautiful photos we got at the cove, but I’ll just use the best ones here to highlight how beautiful it was. The cove overlooks Lake Superior, which you can see in the next photo.

Lake Superior in the background!

Lake Superior is breathtaking, as is the hike itself. I cannot stress how nice it was to be outside and away from my laptop… If you work from home like I do, your day-to-day is mostly staring at a computer screen in the same spot for roughly 9 hours a day, then the gym (if you’re lucky), and dinner in the same place you work. It gets pretty repetitive. Being outside like this with no service was an amazing, refreshing change I really needed. I will say, not having service was a bit jarring at first. But once you get used to it, and if you’re traveling with someone you trust, it starts to become less bothersome as you get engulfed in the scenery.

The cove from a different angle
The green scenery

Some of the scenery was quite green, which was pretty shocking to me. A lot of the trees and plants had already started changing for the seasons, but some of them stayed totally green, like in the photo above. I think it was refreshing to see the plants changing, as well as some that stayed true to their colors at this point in time. I don’t know if you went later in the fall season, if these trees and plants would change colors as well. Either way, both are beautiful!

Lake Superior from a different angle 🙂

We tried to take as many photos as possible while staying in the moment for the entirety of the hike. As you can see, the trail takes you around the lakeshore (aka the name, national lakeshore!) with places you can look out onto the lake. If you’re scared of heights like me, you’ll probably stay closer in on the trail to avoid the panicked feeling of getting too close to a ledge. If you can’t tell, then, my boyfriend took many of the photos featured here, as I was too scared to get close to the edge! However, the hike is still enjoyable, even being afraid of heights.

The overlooks onto the lake looked like this the entire hike!

I think that a lot of people would enjoy this hike. It wasn’t too difficult in skill level – anyone would be able to accomplish the hike for as far as we went. I think it’s just exhausting once you have hiked for a while, so make sure you have some snacks and sandwiches packed for when you get hungry and want to take a break!

The hike back!

It’s funny, when you hike back, it seems like a totally different hike sometimes – Maybe it’s because you start to notice things you didn’t see your first time around. Disclaimer, we did not hike the entire trail. We didn’t have enough time to cover the entire trail, so we went about two and a half hours into the trail and then turned back, since it didn’t circle around from where we hiked to. It was still totally worth checking out, and something I will be recommending to people traveling to upper Michigan!

What are some of your favorite hiking spots?

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    1. Thank you! It was definitely worth visiting, especially if you’re someone who likes to hike and be outdoors. Thanks for reading Alicia ☺️

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