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Quality Italian in New York City

I love trying new restaurants like most 20-somethings, so I was excited to try a new restaurant right near Central Park: Quality Italian. I could not wait to write this review because this restaurant was one of the best dinners I’ve had in New York to date.

The restaurant is in a beautiful spot on 57th and 6th where you can see Central Park from the outside patio. We sat outside because we did not book a reservation ahead of time, but were still able to grab a table! Surprising for a restaurant in New York, especially during pandemic times while the city is still recovering, but it worked out for us. However, I do recommend making a reservation and would do so for future visits.

The waiter was extremely pleasant and walked us through the menu, as we’d never been to the restaurant. We ordered two appetizers which unfortunately do not look to be on the menu any longer, along with what my boyfriend ordered for his main course. However, the review still feels relevant because it gives a good idea of what the dishes are like.

Our dinner at Quality Italian!

One of the more intriguing dishes on the menu is the Spicy Lobster Rigatoni Alla Vodka linked here. I read the reviews of this dish beforehand and wanted to try it, so that’s what I ordered. My boyfriend ordered the Tomahawk Steak, pictured above with my pasta. The pasta was spicy (obviously) which I really love. I love all spicy things and I love pasta, so what more could you really want in a dish? The lobster was cooked perfectly and added a nice flavor to the rest of the meal.

My boyfriend said his steak was “one of the best he’s ever had.” He’s eaten a lot more steak than I have, so I take his word over mine on it, but I also thought it was delicious. I wish it was still on the menu so you could try it, but I’m sure their other steaks are divine. I’d say this is a great spot for date night when there’s lovely weather. If not, make a reservation for inside and enjoy a good meal in Manhattan!

So far, this is my favorite italian restaurant in the city. What is your favorite spot to grab pasta in New York?

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