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Christmas Date Ideas

The holiday season is the best – scented candles, time off from work, spending time with family you rarely see, and winter activities. My boyfriend is the best at planning date details while I am better at looking at the larger picture plans. We work well in this way, but we’re trying something different this winter. Because my boyfriend will be visiting New York City for the holidays, we’ve been brainstorming and researching some fun activities to do in the city. I thought I’d share what we found incase anybody else wants to do the same! Below are my best suggestions for some Christmas date ideas in New York City (however, you can also take this as inspo to find similar events in your area, no matter where you live!). We only have two weekends, so this is our best-round up of Christmas date ideas in New York City to fit into 1-2 weekends.

The Bronx Zoo

I went to the aquarium in NYC and was not too impressed, but I am willing to give the zoo a chance. Typically in Chicago, there is a Christmas lights festival at the zoo that is enjoyable to walk through. I’ve always loved this activity in Chicago, so I am hoping to experience the same in New York City! It does look like you need to reserve tickets for the Holiday Lights, so plan accordingly. Check out their website here for more details.

Rockefeller Center

Check out the beautiful tree at Rockefeller Center in New York City. I love going on long walks and that’s why I added this activity – it would be a perfect activity if you like walking. Otherwise, if you are staying or if you live further away, there’s a subway stop nearby that you can use to get to Rockefeller Center. Enjoy the festive glow of the tree every evening through 9pm.

Ice Skating in Bryant Park

Go ice skating in Byrant Park! If you haven’t been already, I highly suggest you check out Bryant Park. It’s a beautiful park in Manhattan that hosts many free activities. They have lunch and coffee spots right nearby the park as well, so you could spend an entire afternoon grabbing lunch and heading over to the ice rink for a day-date. I think this activity is also perfect for a group of friends! Check their website for more information here.

Bar Crawl

Find a bar crawl in NYC that interests you and do it with a big group of people! Bar crawls are always fun for day or night drinking, and they are even more fun when you go in a group. Or just go ahead on your own quest and check out some of the bars with Holiday pop-ups in New York, such as the list below.

Walk in Central Park

When I moved to New York, I absolutely loved going on walks in Central Park, but there was one issue: The weather was extremely hot, making walking kind of miserable. Because one of my favorite activities is hard to do in the summertime, wintertime is a such a joy. Throw on some comfortable shoes and go for a walk through Central Park with a friend or significant other. I think this activity can be quite romantic in the cold weather, and also relaxing with a friend. I usually start at the bottom of Central Park and make my way up, but enter anywhere and you will have walking space-galore in the massive public park. Google some photos of New York City in the wintertime, especially Central Park, and you won’t want to skip this activity.

What are some activities you are planning on doing in NYC this winter?

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