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Long Distance Christmas Ideas

Thankfully, my boyfriend and I will be in the same place for Christmas, but for a lot of people in long distance relationships, they will be in separate parts of the country. We were actually planning some long distance Christmas ideas because originally, our plans were not going to work out where we would be in the same place; but we moved some things around and now are able to celebrate together for the holidays. However, we did come up with a list of long distance Christmas ideas, and I thought I’d share them here to help out a fellow long distance-r (that is not a word, I’m fully aware) in keeping the Christmas spirit alive, even over Facetime.

Use Netflix Party to watch a movie

Netflix Party is a Google Chrome plug-in that allows you and a friend (or a group of people) to watch a show or movie on Netflix at the same time. There is also a chat box, so you can talk while you watch the movie at the same time. Pretty cute date night to me!

Go to the gym

This may seem like a strange item to put on this list, but long distance can get really stressful. Make it a point to try going to the gym separately and Facetiming after your workouts. See how much more you both have to talk about after getting some exercise and feeling good. I swear, it’ll help you stop being sad about the distance for a short period of time, and it will make both of you feel good about yourselves!

Go ice skating

I haven’t really played this one out in my head but it could be fun! I love ice skating so that’s why I added this one to the list. It’s also on my Christmas date ideas list, so this makes sense I put it on here too for ways to celebrate the holidays as a long distance couple. Go ice skating at your local rink and Facetime either while you do it, or afterwards if it’s fairly busy at the rink. Again, it will give you a lot to talk about and bring some joy into the stressful state that is being long distance.

Order each other take out

We’ve done this one a lot when we’re both not feeling up for cooking. Ordering take out for each other is a nice gesture, and a nice way to spend time together over Facetime without feeling too bored, if you choose to eat together. Otherwise, you can enjoy the meal and text while eating, so that maybe you can watch a movie on Netflix Party!

Go for a walk on Facetime

Going for a walk on Facetime is another nice way to spend time together over Facetime. I love walking around the city with headphones in. Sometimes, if I don’t want to carry my phone outside my purse, we will simply do a phone call so that I can be hands-free and talk over my headphones to my significant other. It’s a great way to get exercise while also spending time together, and getting time outside is never a bad thing!

Play Christmas music drinking games

Make a few rules, such as every time a certain chorus line comes on, you drink, and play the game on a Saturday night together. You could even invite other friends to hangout with you in person to make the activity a bit more fun for a Saturday night, all while spending time together over Facetime.

These were my best long distance Christmas ideas – What’s your favorite on the list?

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