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My 2022 Goals

I am using the new year as a reset for myself, which I think is really important. Sometimes things get too mundane in life, sometimes you get comfortable, or sometimes you lose inspiration for what your goals look like to the day-to-day struggles you face. It’s okay, we’ve all been there, but you must make sure you pick yourself up and decide it’s time for a change. A reset can be really powerful in renewing your inspiration and reminding yourself what your goals are. I am taking advantage of the new year and setting some 2021 goals for myself. I’ll then do a reflection at the end of the year to see what I accomplished.

I also like posting this on my blog because it holds me accountable to accomplishing my goals – not that I could (or should) beat myself up over not accomplishing them, but if I don’t, I’ll have to admit that on my blog post. The external pressure will be helpful in doing everything I can to accomplish my goals I set.

Grow My Blog

This means I have to gain over 25 followers by the end of 2022. This should be accomplished by the end of the year, and I think I’ll have to continue to:

  • Write content consistently (I’m at once a week and I think that’s a manageable amount)
  • Reach out to other bloggers and connect on Twitter
  • Possibly share my blog on my personal Instagram
  • Build out my email list by offering a free guide on my website in exchange for signing up for my email list
  • Edit my email list so that they get customized emails to their inbox rather than just an email from WordPress (more on this to come)
  • Grow my follower base on Pinterest and start pinning more
  • Invest in my blog through classes, memberships, and other sources of knowledge
  • Make friends with fellow bloggers

Take Better Care of My Health

This is an important one, but I feel like I say this every year. I tell myself I’ll get back into working out, I’ll start running every morning, I’ll start eating better, and it’s SO hard to stick to. Old habits really do die hard I guess. This year, I am making it a goal to moderately improve my eating, sleeping, and exercise patterns; going to the gym one extra day a week, sleeping better (and earlier) on weekends, and eating whole fruits and vegetables daily. These are small goals but they will lead me to the bigger picture: taking better care of my health. In addition to these activities, I’ll also be incorporating journaling and meditation into my daily activities in the evening after work every day – this is to take care of my mental health as well. The next goal also incorporates this goal as well, but is a more specified goal and is something I’ve been meaning to do for a while.


I’m kind of cheating with this one by putting it on the list. I’ve actually already started therapy! So it should say something more along the lines of “Continue going to therapy in 2022”.

Make 5 New Friends in NYC

Something I’d really like to accomplish is making friends through blogging that also live in the NYC area. If you’re reading this and this applies to you, please drop your Instagram handle in the comments below for me to follow you! I always love connecting with other people who like blogging, and I’d love to connect with more people in New York. In addition, if you are a fellow lifestyle blogger reading this, feel free to also leave your Instagram in the comments below and I’ll give you a follow – even if you are not in the NYC area, I am constantly traveling elsewhere and would love to meet up with some fellow bloggers on here!

I am hoping to make more friends with people who I know in New York but am not particularly close friends with. I spent only half the year in New York last year and was traveling back and forth from Chicago quite a bit to see my long distance boyfriend. This was necessary and fun, but it didn’t necessarily help me make friends in New York. I feel like I need to be forced to stay there because it’s so hard for me to stay in one place. I’m always on the move and it’s only become more apparent as I travel for long distance.

Progress in My Career

I think external appreciation really helps me thrive in a work environment. I need my hard work to be recognized by the people I surround myself with at work, which is why this is an important goal on my list. With this in mind, I’ll be tuned into each task I do at work, knowing it all adds up to one big goal of progressing in my career.

What are some goals you’re setting for 2022?

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  1. Yes! Why is sharing blog content so nerve wracking?! I feel the exact same! But we got this! I want to pursue a new career, planning my wedding and hoping to get my blog out there and hope to interact with my followers and inspire! 😊

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