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A Morning on The Upper West Side

Taking my own advice, I decided to take a few days off from work in hopes of some time to relax and spend time with friends. First, though, I booked a doctor’s appointment I’ve been needing to get done the first morning I had off, of the three days I took off from my full-time role. My doctor’s office is on the Upper West Side, so I decide to make a day of the trip and blog it! I grabbed breakfast and coffee after my appointment and walked through Central Park after. Here are some photos from my morning and a review of the coffee and bagel I bought. Hope you enjoy the read!

Why I Love Getting an Early Start When I Have the Day Off

For most people, a day off means you’d want to sleep in and maybe have a lazy day. But for me, I like to try and get an early start and really utilize the day off. If I really need a relax-day, I’ll definitely do that, but most of the time I wake up at the time I’d wake up for work and have a hard time falling back asleep unless I stayed up really late the night before (which is super rare for me). There are some benefits to starting your day off early, such as:

There are so many other benefits you can find for waking up early on your day off, but the list above includes my top four. I think it’s important to take care of your personal to-do list as much as you would your work to-do list, and often it’s hard to find the time to do so on weekends when you have social obligations. Being productive the morning of your day off during the week allows you to knock out some of the most important tasks on your to-do list while also having time later in the day to relax.

Bagels & Co

I decided to try a new bagel shop on the UWS. I typically go to one right on the corner of my street in my neighborhood, but I was so hungry after my appointment (couldn’t eat 5 hours before my appointment!) that I decided to be adventurous and try a new place. I opted for my usual lox bagel, but I had them add the extra toppings -tomato, lettuce, onion, and capers. I thought it was strange they didn’t put cream cheese on both sides of the bagel and it caused the bagel to taste a bit try when biting into the top half (see photo below). Aside from that, they loaded the lox on and the bagel itself tasted amazing. The only thing I would change about the bagel would be the cream cheese. I think it makes bagels taste that much better when there is cream cheese on both sides. Maybe I am just getting used to how my regular bagel shop preps bagels, but it was something I noticed while eating outside the storefront.

The bagel service also took a while and there were not that many people in there. I was actually the only person in there, in fact, at the time that I ordered, and it took about 10 minutes for the order to be ready. I think I am used to the speedy service of my corner bagel shop because they are FAST. Like really, they are SO fast with making the bagels and ringing you up to pay. They are constantly busy and maybe that is why they work so quickly – but I did think that the service was a bit slow at Bagels & Co, especially for not being that busy in the shop.

Overall, I had a good experience at Bagels & Co. I would go back here again if I was on the UWS, but I would not travel back to the UWS just for a bagel from Bagels & Co. If you want to check out their menu, I’ve linked it here. If you try it, please let me know what you think in the comments!

My lox bagel

Daily Provisions Coffee Shop

Next, I stopped by Daily Provisions to grab a coffee! I was disappointed to find out that they don’t have flavors for lattes, such as vanilla (my go-to). I bought a cold brew with oat milk and had them add a little simple syrup. I’d say this cold brew was good but not worth the price; it tasted like something I could easily make at home. I was paying for the convenience of grabbing a coffee away from home, but I definitely felt like it was something I could make. Not that it wasn’t good, but it had nothing that really sparked an amazement while drinking it: just a regular oat milk cold brew.

As for the shop itself, the ambiance was pretty quaint and seemed very health-conscious. I don’t spend too much time on the UWS, but it really seemed like it enbodied the vibe of the neighborhood. There were people working on laptops both inside the shop and outside on the patio, and I thought it would be a nice spot to study, read, or get some work done. Although the coffees are a bit overpriced for what you receive, I think you are paying for the ambiance of the shop, so maybe this store is best for grabbing a coffee studying or working. I wanted to get back home and had a long walk ahead of me, so I grabbed my coffee and went on my way to Central Park.

My cold brew! Don’t mind my nails, I need to repaint them!

Central Park

It was an overcast day, but the view was still beautiful. The view of the skyline is something you can never beat with a walk in Central Park! See below for the view I saw over the water in Central Park.

View of the skyline from Central Park!

Here’s another view from the water in Central Park. Thankfully the weather lightened up a little bit! The water is beautiful in every season and I recommend walking around during your favorite season.

More in Central Park 🙂

What do you like to do on your days off? Thanks for reading!

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  1. Thanks for taking me with you. This is a great way for me to see NYC, something that was on my bucket list until Covid cancelled a scheduled girl friend’s weekend in March 2020. LOL

    1. I’m so sorry your trip was cancelled, hopefully you can come out to see New York soon! Thanks for reading 😊

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