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A Weekend Away From The City

Although I live in New York City, I spend a decent amount of time in pretty much the opposite of Manhattan: Indiana. My boyfriend’s family lives in Indiana, so when I visit home (Chicago) to see him, we’ll sometimes spend the weekend in the countryside (is that what it would be called?). It’s very refreshing to get a break from the busy urban life that I experience in Manhattan, and it’s nice to just slow down for a weekend and spend some time outside without the traffic of a city. Here’s my experience spending a weekend away from the city. This post is picture-heavy so be prepared – and make sure to scroll to the end of the post for the best picture, saved for last!

Goblin & The Grocer

We started the weekend off with lunch at Goblin & The Grocer, a small restaurant and grocer in Beverly Shores, Indiana. The restaurant is so cute with amazing interior decor and lots of seating. Keep reading to see what we ordered, along with reviews of every dish and drink!

There were lots of dishes on the menu that sounded good to us. As you can see, the menu is extensive and basically has something for everyone. I think their brunch menu looks pretty tasty and it’s nice brunch goes until 3:00pm.

We started with the Great Lakes Cheese Plate and the Smoked Salmon Dip for the table (the table meaning two people). The cheese plate was a solid 8/10, mostly because it lacked any meats on the plate, but had really good cheeses that TBH I wasn’t able to identify.

The dip was okay, I was expecting a lot more from it… I’d say it was a 5/10 because I was expecting something more like lox in a creamy cheese, but it was not that. I really feel like they could’ve done better on this dish, but my boyfriend liked it enough to finish it for us.

I also ordered a Johnny Appleseed Mule, which was a 6/10. I didn’t realize the drink came with brandy in it, along with vodka, and I only really like vodka in mixed drinks. If I were to go again to this restaurant (which we plan to), I’d opt for the Grocers Bloody Mary or the Blueberry Smash.

Overall, we really enjoyed the service and the ambiance of this restaurant. I wish we tried entrees on the menu, but we plan to next time. If you’d like to see another review of this restaurant next time we go, let me know in the comments and I’ll definitely work on one!

Hikes, Farms, & The Outdoors

One of my favorite activities, in the city or not, is to go on walks when the weather permits. Obviously, nothing beats a walk in Manhattan, but there are a lot of hiking trails in Indiana. Some of them even lead to a farm where you can see chickens, bunnies, sheep, etc. all on the farm. We spent some time visiting with family, but on Sunday we tried out a new spot and found a small farm. It was overcast, so the pictures aren’t that appealing, but I actually prefer overcast weather to super sunny days, so it was a nice hike for me.

There’s a major difference between the lifestyle in New York and the lifestyle in the midwest, especially when you spend time in a rural area rather than an urban setting like Chicago. Everything is a bit slower; even ordering drinks at Starbucks takes longer. If you live in a city, the change of pace can be really refreshing for a weekend to reset and relax. I think my favorite thing about visiting the rural midwest is how calm everything feels, but I also feel like my life goes on pause when I take time away from my life in New York. That’s why I don’t like to leave for too long, but a weekend or a week is a nice amount of time to slow down.

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