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Things to Do in Philadelphia

Here’s a guide of things to do in Philadelphia when you’re short on time. I spent an afternoon in Philadelphia with my boyfriend. We were driving from Virginia to New York City and thought one afternoon would be a perfect amount of time to see the biggest spots in Philly before continuing on our way. Follow our guide below for things to do in Philadelphia.

Reading Terminal Market

The Reading Terminal Market is a famous indoor market that offers a plethora of cuisines, basically anything you could imagine. All of the top foods you’d want to try in Philly are there, including lots of places that serve Philly Cheesesteaks. If you’re short on time, this is the best way to taste small portions of lots of different foods in Philly. Probably not the cheapest way to do things, but definitely the most efficient.

The LOVE Sign

The LOVE sign is a perfect photo-op to send your mom or grandma when they ask you how Philadelphia was. It’s not really my taste to post on Instagram, but if you want people to know you are in Philly, this is the perfect spot to snap a few pictures for memories.


Take a walk around downtown to see the architecture, live music, and locals making their way around. It’s a great way to see any city and you’ll probably stumble upon something new you want to check out and never even knew it existed. These moments are always the highlight of my travels.

Visit Paddy’s Pub (if you’re an Always Sunny In Philadelphia fan)

This was one of the cooler monuments we visited (would this even be considered a monument?). I love the show Always Sunny In Philadelphia, so I was absolutely positive I had to visit on my way through the city.

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