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Little Island NYC

Keep reading to hear my mini-guide to exploring Chelsea in Manhattan, New York. I also include photos showing what views this unique little gem offers.

What Is Little Island?

Little Island NYC is a small island on the Hudson River. It’s a perfect place for a day-date, a walk with a friend, or a photoshoot.

The fun thing about New York City is that you can walk for hours and not get bored. Well, you can walk for hours if it’s not too cold out. Luckily this day wasn’t too bad with the weather. I went for a super long walk around Chelsea one day and here’s what I found.

Mini-Guide To Exploring Chelsea, Manhattan

If you want to make your trip a little longer, I recommend walking on The High Line. This works before or after visiting the island. There are lots of things to do in Chelsea. If you’re looking for a day-guide, feel free to leave a comment below! I’ll be sure to make one! If you’re looking for afternoon plans, The High Line and the island are the perfect way to spend an afternoon outside in Chelsea.

The views of the skyline are insane near and on the island. I highly recommend you check it out! If you live in NYC or are visiting, this is a perfect Saturday afternoon activity! Below are some more photos.

Enjoying Small Moments

I wanted to add a small reminder here to enjoy the small moments that you encounter in the everyday. Like on my walk. I happened to find the island and snapped some photos for my blog and walked around. I enjoyed the views. There are so many good, micro moments in life. You have to remember to enjoy them.

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How to Support Ukraine Right Now

I struggle with using social media as a platform of support vs donating or volunteering since social media toes the line of feeling very performative to me, but I think it is important to highlight support for Ukraine in this post. Click here to donate to UNICEF and keep supporting Ukraine in any way that feels right to you.

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