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Do’s & Don’ts of Blogging: How to Blog

Here is my comprehensive list of the do’s and don’ts of blogging. This list will definitely evolve as I learn the ins and outs of the blogging community, and I can’t wait to write another draft of this in the future. This post is all about how to blog, so if you’re looking for blogging advice, you’re in the right place.


Define your target audience. It’s imperative you know who you’re writing for. How old are they? Where do they live? Does where they live matter? What kind of jobs do they work? How often do they go out? Do they spend money on fashion frequently? Do they spend their weekends out and about, or resting inside? These and more are all the things you want to think about when defining your target audience. Really have a good idea of who they are before you start writing for them. You want to deliver things that will be useful to them, not just rambling on the internet.

Write often. Make sure to exercise your love for writing often. You’ll get better and better at writing posts suited for your target audience as time goes on, so keep writing as much as possible.

Write high-quality content. Make sure you’re spending the time to write high quality content for your readers. Thoughtfulness counts.

Post consistently. Posting consistently is one of the biggest keys in being a successful blogger. You want to build trust with your audience, so make sure they know exactly what your posting schedule is and when they can expect content from you.

Find your passion. Write about what you’re passionate about. Not only will you build a community of likeminded individuals, you’ll find that writing your content is that much more gratifying.

Write about what you know. What are you an expert in that can serve a purpose in the blogging community? Where can you help others improve their lives? These are the questions you should be asking yourself when brainstorming content.

Offer resources and free content to foster a community. Make sure your email subscribers know they are welcomed and valued. Deliver them specialized content specific to their needs and interests.

Start an email subscription list. This was one of the more fun activities I worked on after having my blog for a while. If you’re serious about blogging, definitely check out MailChimp or another service to run your emailing list.

Write your newsletter consistently. I’m starting off when one newsletter a month to round up the posts I have on my blog, but you can define your newsletter any way you want – Just make sure it is consistent.

Be authentic. Make sure you are highlighting who you are, flaws and all, in your content. It’s important to put your best foot forward, but it’s also important to humanize yourself to your audience. Make sure you’re writing content that makes sense for who you are as a person.

Embrace change. Change will always be a part of your blog. My blog has evolved so much in the past year I’ve had it, and it will continue to change over the coming years. Embrace it.

Be patient. You’ll make mistakes, you’ll learn along the way, and you’ll hopefully have fun while doing it. Be patient with yourself as you figure out who you are in the blogging community and who you want to be friends with. It’s all a work in progress.

Have fun! No more explanation necessary!

Do not…

Copy someone else’s content. This is a big no-no in the blogging community. Never steal someone’s work and pretend like you came up with it on your own. You can be inspired by someone else’s post, but make sure you are sharing your own thoughts and not someone else’s.

Try to fit into a niche you don’t like. This won’t be fun for you or your readers.

Spam other bloggers to get noticed. This is not only bad for other bloggers but it looks bad on you. Don’t do this to try and make connections in the community.

View your followers as numbers. Your followers are a part of your community. They choose to connect with you and read your content, so don’t take this lightly.

Write quantity over quality. Make sure to write quality, thoughtful content that will improve the lives of your readers rather than anything else. Quality is better than posting frequently. Set expectations for yourself to post once a week, then twice a week, and work your way up to having a frequent amount of content published on your blog. It will also require more time and work the more you are posting content, so make sure this fits in with your schedule and ability to produce this content as frequently as your readers start to expect it.

Write everything that comes to mind. Some posts are meant to be left in the drafts.

Share too much too soon. Wait to share too much all about yourself – Your readers want to know about you, but nobody cares if you’re just posting a diary entry about your life with no context to what it is actually doing to benefit your followers.

Write for everyone. Niche is key! Make sure to keep your target audience in mind when writing posts. this is key in how to blog because it keeps you from covering anything and everything on your blog. It also makes planning content simpler.

This is my guide on how to blog, with the do’s and don’ts of blogging. I hope you enjoyed and try to apply these guidelines when you are launching your blog.

Thanks for reading! Keep reading more content like this here.

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