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Zucker’s Bagels in New York City

Zucker’s Bagels & Smoked Fish is a bagel shop with multiple locations in New York. The one we went to was the Upper West Side location. We ordered two bagels from here to try them out and will most definitely be going back to try more!

Plain Bagel w/ Veggie Cream Cheese

This is a new favorite I have when ordering from a bagel shop. A kind soul in my office brought in bagels from H&H Bagels one morning and changed my life with the vegetable cream cheese! I’ll definitely be taking a trip to that bagel shop on my own to review some of their bagels, more to come on that 🙂

Their veggie cream cheese at Zucker’s Bagels was not as good at H&H, but it was pretty great on the plain bagel. I think it would also pair well on a garlic or an everything bagel.

Everything Bagel w/ Lox, Onions, & Tomatoes

The second bagel we ordered was the everything bagel with lox and the traditional toppings. I loved it! Recently I’ve been more on a veggie cream cheese/BEC bagel kick, but I had to try their traditional, popular bagel to see if it lived up the the hype. The everything bagel was everything. Best everything bagel I’ve had in NYC so far. Everything else about the bagel was as expected – fresh lox, onion and tomato.

We ate the bagels in the park after our walk there from the Upper East Side, and they were really refreshing after a long walk. It must be a pretty popular place because the line was out the door when we arrived. Definitely a go-to bagel shop for many Upper West Siders!

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