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My Favorite Estee Lauder Products Right Now

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The Best Perfume Scents

Choosing a perfume scent is deeply personal. I was hesitant to share these, because it is really personal taste, but maybe someone will discover a new scent they fall in love with. Below are the best perfume scents I’m using right now! How to Choose a Scent You need to consider how you’re choosing your … Continue reading The Best Perfume Scents

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Kylie Jenner Lip Kit Review

I was so curious about the Kylie Jenner beauty products when they came out, but it took me awhile before actually trying them out. I thought the products were a bit too expensive to purchase (incase they ended up not being very good quality), but one of my friends actually ended up buying me a … Continue reading Kylie Jenner Lip Kit Review

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My Favorite Estee Lauder Products Right Now

Here are the top Estee Lauder products I’ve been using recently. If you’re looking for a new moisturizer or perfume, keep reading! DayWear Multi-Protection Anti-Oxidant 24H-Moisture Creme SPF 15 I love this moisture creme the most for wear right before applying makeup, mostly because my regular moisturizer I use is very thick (I’ll write another … Continue reading My Favorite Estee Lauder Products Right Now


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