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A Weekend Away From The City

Although I live in New York City, I spend a decent amount of time in pretty much the opposite of Manhattan: Indiana. My boyfriend’s family lives in Indiana, so when I visit home (Chicago) to see him, we’ll sometimes spend the weekend in the countryside (is that what it would be called?). It’s very refreshing to get a break from the busy urban life that … Continue reading A Weekend Away From The City

bow bridge crossing calm lake in autumn park

Reminiscing on Fall in New York City

I was recently going through photos on my phone and found some from the fall time that I never posted. Fall is my favorite season, and fall in New York City is… as corny as it sounds, magical. The leaves are changing, the air is crisp, and every walk you take you’re reminded of the fleeting joys of warmer weather. I personally also love overcast … Continue reading Reminiscing on Fall in New York City

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Why I Decided to Start Blogging

Welcome back! Before I jump into this post, I just wanted to thank you for reading my blog. Whether this is the first post you’re coming across, or you’re an avid follower of my blog, thanks for stopping by and reading my content. It means the world to me to know that people enjoy engaging on here. It’s only been a few months since I … Continue reading Why I Decided to Start Blogging

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Da Nico in New York City

My boyfriend and I visited Da Nico in Little Italy, NYC! I wanted to share all about our experience, mostly because it was so positive! We discovered this beautiful little restaurant just by walking through Little Italy on a Friday night, and the food met my expectations for the neighborhood. Below I describe our experience at the restaurant and the quality of the food. About … Continue reading Da Nico in New York City

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Long Distance Christmas Ideas

Thankfully, my boyfriend and I will be in the same place for Christmas, but for a lot of people in long distance relationships, they will be in separate parts of the country. We were actually planning some long distance Christmas ideas because originally, our plans were not going to work out where we would be in the same place; but we moved some things around … Continue reading Long Distance Christmas Ideas

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Christmas Date Ideas

The holiday season is the best – scented candles, time off from work, spending time with family you rarely see, and winter activities. My boyfriend is the best at planning date details while I am better at looking at the larger picture plans. We work well in this way, but we’re trying something different this winter. Because my boyfriend will be visiting New York City … Continue reading Christmas Date Ideas